What to text someone after a hookup

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“Instead of thinking in terms of black and white (He likes me/he doesn’t like me), think in terms of grey.

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Isn’t it possible that a guy can be out, enjoying your company, being thoughtful, telling you you’re beautiful, kissing you at the end of the nht, and never you again? I am not a man, so it’s difficult for me to understand. For example, if I like a guy, and I had a good time on a date, I’d like to see him again.

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I think about it in 2nd grade terms, “I like a person, I would like to see them again.So what distinguishes when a guy goes on a date, has a good time, but is just “in the moment, and doesn’t me back, versus a guy who had a good time with me and then s me back? the guy knows this date isn’t going to be serious, before the date occurs?

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I don’t like a person, I don’t want to see them again” That applies to all people – men, women, romantic or platonic.

What to text someone after a hookup:

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