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She had doubts about her Skype honey who claimed he wanted her as “a relationship life partner.” Was he really a con artist seducing his “beautiful Queen” to scam her into sending money overseas? Marine Corps cyber warriors – who are worried about enemies trying to break much more than lonely hearts and bank accounts – can’t keep up with all the imposters.

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An Australian woman named Margaret Clare contacted The San Diego Union-Tribune in December asking whether Toolan and his wife Helen had indeed split up, as she was led to believe.

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Ray Odierno, the former Army chief of staff, and countless other military leaders who are impersonated online by “evil twin” scammers.When Margaret Clare realized it wasn’t Toolan on the other end of the line, she asked that the general be notified, “in the hope that there is a way to stop these people, whoever they are, from trying to destroy or even attempt to taint such a distinguished, honorable man who has been committed in achieving such exceptional success.“He and his family should not be exploited in any way that would mark his extraordinary life,” she wrote in an email from Australia. Last week, the Corps awarded a $79,000 contract to SNS Discovery Tool to develop an automated program that will identify and block fraudulent profiles, trolling social media sites including , Twitter, Linked In, Google , Instagram, and You Tube.

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The Marine commander is not divorced, and he does not want you to send money to Panama. John Allen, the former commander of international forces in Afghanistan, retired Gen.

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