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Soundtrack contributions "Sandy Squirrel" and "Patrick Star" arrived online. And the lyrics of the songs seem to give away some major plot points for the upcoming second Spongebob feature film.

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Fans of the long-running Nickelodeon show would obviously know that the new N. "Sandy Squirrel" hints that the movie will be filled with some romantic drama between Spongebob, Sandy and Mr. "Sandy Squirrel / Life's an ocean and you're my world / I'm the oyster and you're the pearl / You're the only one for me / I'm sorry Mr.

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songs are named after Spongebob's two underwater BFFs, Sandy Squirrel and Patrick Star.The music of "Sandy Squirrel" is incredibly tropical, and it feels more like a children's movie song than one of N.

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Krabs / Yes, I know the daughter you have / But, c'mon man, you can't be mad / I got a squirrel living under the sea," Pharrell sings in the chorus. D.'s snature tracks, but it is a Nickelodeon film, after all.

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