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Chatting someone up in a bar can be ‘hit and miss’, making the phone can be arduous, and having a first date that lasts the entire evening can be very time-inefficient. And when you do have time, you need to do your washing and the folks. is an online dating service desned to help you find other singles who live, work – or simply are – near you.

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Between meeting up with your work friends, school friends, uni friends, ex-work friends, your friends from football/rugby/hockey/netball, the friends you kind of nicked from your ex, that person you find seriously funny that none of your other friends like – and occasionally going to the gym – you don't have a spare evening very often.

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In fact, you're so damn busy that frankly we're surprised you've read this far. So you can meet them for half an hour over a coffee or something stronger to see if there's any chemistry.Or you may prefer our hy acclaimed Lovestruck singles events, which are the talk of the town.

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(Though we do appreciate it.) So what are you supposed to do? You can even find who likes what you like via our date ideas tool.

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