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Is the sugar daddy/sugar baby phenomenon a kind of prostitution.

'I started using Seeking Arrangement three years ago. I have drunkenly made out with some of them, but I've never had sex with a sugar daddy.'Most of my arrangements have lasted some weeks. The most expensive gift I ever got was a £3,000 sculpture.

Sugar baby finds love with her tenth 'daddy' but he still gives her.

We went for drinks and he asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner. And I still have £40,000 of student loans to pay off. And I thought it would be fun to go to some really nice restaurants and maybe get some shoes. If we met at 8pm or 9pm and went for drinks then dinner, it would be 1am when we'd finished and my options are limited. I think most of the men expect to have sex with the sugar babies eventually, but on the site it says you shouldn't sleep with someone until you have established ground rules. 'You mht get shoes and handbags, but sometimes it's just little conveniences, such as topping up my Oyster card.

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From gender-bending outre protagonist to hipster daddy How David.

You have to be in control or there is the risk of being taken advantage of. Nobody wants a carrot to be dangled and to not get the carrot. Afterwards we got on the Tube together but we didn't kiss – I just got to eat a posh meal for free.'When I moved to London I was shocked at how expensive it is. 'You can avoid being seen as a gold-dger or a prostitute by making sure you see eye to eye on expectations.I also mention stuff on Whats App and they get that for me. They always ask if it's just a bunch of weirdos or if they all expect sex with you, but I tell them you can get what you want out of it.'If you're looking for an actual relationship, you can find one.

Dating Review Seekingarragene - Sugardaddy-

It takes a while to build up the kind of rapport where you can just go out on a spending spree. I liked it in a gallery and then he bought it for me for my birthday. He sends me £1,000 a month to cover my student loan payments.'He pays my rent and all my day-to-day expenses. He also paid for me to spend a month each in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Greece, and for my yoga teacher-training course. I didn't even know what car he drove until he picked me up in it one day.

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