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Asia's Booming Live Streaming Space, Its Revenue Potential.

You can’t put a price on love, but you can certainly put a revenue fure on the mobile dating industry.

LoveRevenue Hhest Paying Dating Affiliate Program

Tinder, the spark that set the industry alht, remains its brhtest star.

Mobile Data on <strong>Dating</strong> Tinder on Top but Faces Competition

Apple Reports Third Quarter Results - Apple

Having revolutionized the dating game with its now ubiquitous swiping mechanics, it’s no b surprise to see it dominate on i OS.The rise of alternative dating apps like Pure show that services with niche appeal can break the “one size fits all” approach to dating and find a viable route to market.

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On a global stage, however, it is under threat by Badoo, which is currently topping the charts on Android.

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