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Sikh community aims to feed 1,500 people during Langar Week.

Saini said that people who don't know him resent how "openly queer" he is with the word "Sikh" in his artist name.

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"The small community I come from is a challenging one, but on the other hand, normative society is also a toughie for a queer person of color, so I'm screwed and not in the good way," he said.

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"I have supporters who see the art and person behind what I do.So, the thread was people going back and forth with hate/rebuttals/logical rebuttals/dumb rebuttals..important to our time in history." Saini said he tries not to interact with trolls who hate on his page.

Deleted Photo Of A Gay Sikh Kissing A Man Sparks.

I get threats to my life and hate speech regularly."Saini said he was angry about the photo with the thread being deleted because his posts tend to "tease out important questions I want people to ask.

Sikh dating australia:

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