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Saini said that people who don't know him resent how "openly queer" he is with the word "Sikh" in his artist name.

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"The small community I come from is a challenging one, but on the other hand, normative society is also a toughie for a queer person of color, so I'm screwed and not in the good way," he said.

Mr Bachola @MrBachola Twitter

Gay Sikh Man Sends Inspiring Message to His Community - Newscult

"I have supporters who see the art and person behind what I do.So, the thread was people going back and forth with hate/rebuttals/logical rebuttals/dumb rebuttals..important to our time in history." Saini said he tries not to interact with trolls who hate on his page.

Deleted Photo Of A Gay Sikh Kissing A Man Sparks.

I get threats to my life and hate speech regularly."Saini said he was angry about the photo with the thread being deleted because his posts tend to "tease out important questions I want people to ask.

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