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We’re getting tons of hits from people searching for youth sermons on love, relationships, dating, purity, gender roles, marriage, etc. ” Numbers 25 “Israelites Gone Wild: Sex, Cheaters, and The Purity of Christ”“israelites-gone-wild-sex-cheaters-and-the-purity-of-christ”/ Ruth 1-2 “Love Connection: Don’t Play The Dating Game” Ruth 3 “All The Single Ladies: How To Get Your Boaz” Ruth 4 “All The Single Fellas: How To Get Your Ruth: Esther 1-2 “For The Love: Way More Than Hunks and Hotties”″/ Esther 2-10 “For The Love: Way More Than Villains and Heroes”″/ 10 Steps for Students From Godly Attraction To A Biblical Marriage Does God Have A Soul Mate Just For You?

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So I thought I’d compile our top 14 all in one post.

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Martin Collins, concluding the series on dating and marriage, asserts that pre-marital sex during the courtship or dating period leads to long-term devastating effects, and never leads to adjustment in marriage.It is desirable for singles to seek a partner who is compatible socially, ethniy, and especially spiritually.

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Also, while the Bible does not prohibit interracial marriage, there are a large number of cultural and identity issues making such a union unwise.

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