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Online dating and profiles five things you shouldn't include. Yours?

There are a few things you learn when you do online dating. You learn about how much your ego can take (from the incessant rejections; on most sites you’re alerted to who is checking you out…followed by a loud silence when they don’t make contact; on one site one works their way up the “most popular listing” by responding to all contacts, which results in a lot of automated rejection emails). In the resulting column I wrote about how online dating is a great way to learn to be thorougy yourself. About men, I learned this: they like to hold fish up hh in the air, go to a lot of events on boats toting bottles of boutique beer, “hit the gym”, watch and read the Sunday papers.

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You learn about the different faces of humanity’s heaving, aching loneliness. That is, the forms you fill out to join the various services are a great way to remind yourself of what you like doing, what your values are, and so on. They’re “laid back” and “easy going” and “down to earth” (what Australian man isn’t!? I’ve only gone on one date from the whole online dating flirtation. It’s taken a while to work this out and now that I know it, I’m about to pull down my profile.

Online <i>dating</i> and profiles five things you shouldn't include. Yours?

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But, really, my excuse was that I was lonely and the tactic, frankly, was cowardly.I stand by my theory, even if the pretense was a cop-out. ), but “don’t do the club scene any more”, don’t have time to read (except for aforementioned Sunday papers and Bob Marley’s biography), get into a bit of the Foo (as in, presumably, Fhters) like it’s 1997, and take “selfies” in bathroom mirrors. It’s just that on online dating I’m connected with them (they’re overwhelmingly my main pursuers on the sites). That one date was with a guy whose pictures I didn’t look at until later, but I read his profile and I liked his rawness and reading habits.

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With my journalist’s hat on, I used my need for a column topic as my excuse for entering the fray.

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