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Saturday Nht Live Korea does a short on being a closet INFINITE.

I think there are a lot of international K-pop fans who can relate to the teacher in this Saturday Nht Live Korea sketch, where she’s a closet INFINITE and Hoya fangirl.

Jenna Clifford – The Fourth Edition The Hoya's Blog

“Wait, how do you know so much information about this stuff, IATFB?

Jenna Clifford – The Fourth Edition The <i>Hoya</i>'s Blog

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Wild Woman Daisy De La Hoya Suffering From Having 20 Guys All Over Her | Former 'Playmate of the Year' Sara Jean Underwood Was 'Insecure' With Nudity | Rumor Control: Carrie Prejean the Face of Nom?After finishing runner-up in the second series of VH1’s "Rock of Love," Daisy De La Hoya, niece of famed boxer Oscar De La Hoya, recently kicked off her own spin-off "Daisy of Love" - but strangely enough for the very public wild woman, she is struggling with all the male attention.

Oscar De La Hoya Amir Khan can be one of the greats - Manchester.

| Pop Tarts Scene & Herd Should we really feel sorry for her?

Hoya dating rumours:

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