Dating someone with financial issues

Dating someone with some serious

My friends always ask for my financial fitness advice and it's often around stuff like when they should talk about finances with their partner or how do they tell their spouse about the credit card debt that funded their shoes and booze-filled 20s.

Financial Red Flags in a Relationship -

Your credit report is your financial report card and your credit score is your grade.

<em>Dating</em> <em>someone</em> <em>with</em> some serious

Dating? 5 Financial Issues That Make You

Together, they show if you've got your life together.If your credit rocks and theirs sucks, that mht not bode well for your future together. When you want to take things next level and buy something together like a house or a car on credit, their low score could cost you by getting charged a much hher interest rate (or even getting declined).

Seven Sns Your Boyfriend Is Bad With

Let's say you're in a relationship with someone and the two of you want to buy a house.

Dating someone with financial issues:

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