Dating guy with one testicle


Yes I was born cryptorchid (single undescended), and despite a couple of operations when I was about 11 or 12 Mr Rht just wouldn't stay in his sac.

Here's A Guy With Three Testicles NSFW

This started before I was aware of testicles, and I notice my 10 year old son [complete] is very penis-aware but fairly oblivious to his testicles.

Here's A <i>Guy</i> <i>With</i> Three <i>Testicles</i> NSFW

Celebrities with One or Fewer Testes - Ranker

In one regard, that was less traumatic than being a teenager and very self conscious about image, and having a private and vital part of my changing body threatened. I am lucky the situation hasn't caused me to be depressed, but it has given me years of being taunted at school, and laid ground for unconfirmed rumours or stories in my small home town.In hindsht, probably a good thing as otherwise I may have been in all sorts of trouble.

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I am lucky at least to have good looks, so having interested girls was not the problem, but my embarrassment at being deficient in the man-department led me to very conservative dating behaviour.

Dating guy with one testicle:

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