Dating a singer sewing table

Singer Sewing Machine Photo Gallery To Identify Models

There are few better-known sewing machine companies than Singer.

Vintage Singer cabinets and treadle bases.

Known for their durable, functional machines, the company's antique products carry a hh collector's value today.

<strong>Singer</strong> Featherweht 221 Serial Numbers and Production Dates

Singer Featherweht 221 Serial Numbers and Production Dates

Purchasing antique Singer sewing machines, as with any other antique sewing product, requires you to understand what to look for and how to gauge the value of each potential purchase.Anything more than 100 years old is a genuine antique, while anything younger is classed as vintage.

The Collector's Guide to Antique Singer Sewing Machines eBay

When collecting Singer sewing machines, the most basic feature to look for is the age of the item.

Dating a singer sewing table:

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