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Many times whiting and other species are feeding just off the shore in a trough that typiy forms between the shorebreak and the first sandbar maybe 30 yards offshore and the required weht needed to hold the r in place is a 1 ounce pyramid weht.

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I have fished like that for years and still do because I do catch fish.It's also great for using a small silver spoon when the glass minnows are in close and schools of spanish mackerel or bluefish are hounding them. However, if you do enough surf fishing there will come that day when a school of 50 lb tarpon or other gamefish come busting through a school of mullet 40 yards beyond your maximum casting range, and the "real" surf fishermen with real surf rods will be having the time of their lives while you stand there holding your little stick. Then there are days when the surf is fairly rough and the side currents are sweeping through the inner trough and washing all but the heaviest rs rht up on the beach, but the fish are still there and the smaller rods just can't handle the weht required to keep your bait in the water for any length of time.

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In fact, if you are going to throw 1/4 ounce pompano js tipped with shrimp into the nearshore trough just off the shorebreak for pompano and whiting, you can use the same 7 foot spinning outfit with 8 to 12 lb test described for use in the lagoon section of this website very effectively.

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