Dating wfl drums

Bermuda Schwartz WFL Transition Kit

These drums were a real find on ebay - 99.99% complete and orinal (one bass spur tip is newer, and one key rod is probably a Leedy from the era.) It came with WFL stands & pedals, throne, hoop-mount cowbell and triangle holders, Ludw Playon and orinal Weather Master heads, cases, a supply of sticks from the era, and some wonderful cymbals including Zildjian block logo 18" crash and a 22" ride with unusual lathing & hammering....

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They're about the best vintage cymbals I've ever heard.

Steve Maxwell Vintage and Custom <em>Drums</em> Ludw <em>Drums</em>

How To Date A Ludw Reverb

The shells and hardware were already very clean: no rust or pitting, an absolute minimum of the customary nicks and scrapes, and only a little yellowing.It's hard to imagine a more beautiful kit for its age.14 x 22" Bass Drum Classic Model 922PDate: June 16, 1959 This drum came with crumpled newspapers inside - The Denver Post, and Rocky Mountain News - dated January 10, 1960!

Ludw Vintage Drum Key WFL - 1930s to 1940s - Vintage Drum.

After a little wiping the nickel gleams, the wrap is shiny and smooth, and the drums really do look amazing.

Dating wfl drums:

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