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Savannah Historic District - Savannah, GA

The streets of the Historic District are covered by natural archways made by the long branches of live oak trees, dripping with Spanish moss. Bars, restaurants, and shopping line the street, so we put on our white powdered ws and get wild. When you step outside in the summer you wade through thick, sticky air. Bonaventure Cemetery, made famous by the cover art for the book, is actually a really beautiful place to walk around.

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They hang over the street creating an ethereal, romantic feeling. We don’t actually, but you’d definitely get a free drink for it. If you’re only there to see The Bird Girl statue, you’ll have to go downtown to the Telfair Museum of Art—a must-see as well.

<strong>Savannah</strong> Historic District - <strong>Savannah</strong>, GA

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If you really do get scared by these things, Creepy Crawl Haunted Pub Tour is the way to go. With much of the orinal lestone roads and buildings intact, River Street is the best place to envision Savannah of old. On the flip side, every building is air-conditioned to the point of icicles and the other three seasons are, dare I say it, perfect. Plus, the other homes don’t have a dirty little secret and a scandalous book sharing all the details. River street is lined with buildings dating back to the mid-1800s, while the rest of the opulent and intricate historic district homes can only be described as “old money.” Savannahians take pride in the southern charm of their city, which is why there are ongoing projects to preserve the remarkable architecture.

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To make use of this reputation, there are tons of ghost tours throughout the city—trolley, hearse, or walking. The sun is out one second and then, before you can say “Mamma’s biscuits and gravy,” the temperature drops and your clothes are soaked rht through. Unless you want to try knocking on one of the other mansion doors downtown, a tour through this one is as close as you’ll get.

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