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In addition to being 25 years old and pretty tapped into modern technology, it’s part of my job as the editor of Task & Purpose. So naturally, when I came across an article on Thought Catalog ed “5 Warnings For Dating A Generation Y Military Man,” I was interested.

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What I found was about 1,000 words of idiocy and destructive stereotypes about veterans.

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The “expertise” of the author, Jamie Perry, is clear: Although I did not serve in the military (I tried- they wouldn’t let me), I absorbed and experienced the pain and hardships they endured from the friendships I cultivated, from the yoga classes I instructed, and from the daily interactions where I looked for an insider’s glance into the military man’s life. First of all, protip: never say “I tried to join the military, they wouldn’t let me.” No one is impressed.In actuality, most 18-35 year old Americans are inelible for military service.

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It does, however, underlie the myth that it’s easy to join the military.

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