Dating a man with herpes

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The article below was orinally published in the Washington Post. I thought it was worth sharing as my belief is that living with herpes shouldn't be such a taboo topic.

I told the guy I've been dating about my genital herpes. - Reddit

Unfortunately the public perception is that people who have herpes, or even cold sores for that matter are akin to modern lepers.

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Opening the dialogue about the topic helps bring awareness to it, and as such a better understanding about living with it.Seven months after Ella Dawson was diagnosed with genital herpes, she remembers a young man at a college party offering her a sip of his beer. "I don't have herpes or anything." Dawson, 22, was just learning to shed the shame that came with her infection, which affects more than 30 per cent of sexually active Kiwis.

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People should not be ostracized for having the herpes virus Read about this one brave lady below.

Dating a man with herpes:

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