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Mount Rushmore is an iconic symbol that has come to represent all of what the USA is about, with the faces of four ex-presidents carved into the Black Hills mountain face in South Dakota.

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George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln were already synonymous for their achievements while in office. Chelsea's history is a rich and varied one, with heroes dating rht back to the club's inception that played a part in delivering what fans identify with today.

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It looks like my pyjamas! Chelsea fans not impressed with new kit.

Having their faces sculpted into Mount Rushmore immortalised them even more, leaving an everlasting mark on the American landscape. So bearing that in mind, we've selected our candidates for Chelsea's very own Mount Rushmore.They are the founding fathers, and when we're talking what the club represents, that legacy can't be nored in the same way those defining U. presidents that adorn Mount Rushmore can't be nored.

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Now, there are barely steep hills to climb in west London, let alone mountain ranges to decorate with the likeness of icons, but were Chelsea to ever create something similar to Mount Rushmore to pay homage to the club's heroes, they would have a task on their hands. Joe and Gus Mears Without the Mears brothers, Joe and Gus, there wouldn't be a Chelsea Football Club.

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