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THE reviews for the new Holden Commodore VF have started rolling in and the overall verdict, so far, is pretty positive.

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Given the amount of money that has gone into developing this new baby, a positive review here and there is probably the least that the Holden corporation needs if it is going to make a solid return on its investment.

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Of course, the next thing they need, after the good reviews, is for everyday, budget-conscious Australians like you and I to fork out our hard-earned dollars on the things and then tell our family and friends to do the same.Twenty years ago, Falcons and Commodores ruled the roads.

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From what I have observed recently Holden hasn't had quite as much trouble selling the Commodore as Ford has had selling the Falcon. For this you could blame the saturation of the car market and the general turning of the tide away from the b old family sedan.

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