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I wanted to dedicate a thread to online dating sites and social networks that help us meet foren women, since it's a common request from guys about to hit the road.

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If you know of a site, please list the country or area of the world where it would be useful on. If you want to get at the normal non pros who are not Maria passaporte (gringo chasers), go to or or even orkut.

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After a couple months of letting this thread marinate, I'll create a handy master list. But needless to say, Portuguese is required, specially on or For Thailand, is good as well as is popular here in the Philippines and I got laid (SNL) through that with a nice regular girl (not P4P). At the beginning of February I'm going to start pipelining (to quote Nahty Nomad).General rule of thumb is that if she asks to pay for her taxi as a condition to come and meet you or asks you to but some credit for her mobile phone before you even meet then she is P4P. Here's my plan so far: Basic profile (not going to spend anything) on

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However you need to weed out a LOT of ladyboys and P4P girls. Hookups happen through that site but, if you treat it as such you can expect to be banned or have negative comments left about you. I'd love some general tips for online gaming of EE women.

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