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Online Dating The New Arranged Marriage? CatholicMatch Institute

“Down for halal sex.” I snorted and sank further underneath my cherry-red duvet.

How Arranged 'Dating' Is Fast Replacing Arranged 'Marriages' In India

The midafternoon sunlht pushing through the blinds cast a glare on my phone, making it hard to view the man whose dating profile I’d stumbled on.

How <em>Arranged</em> '<em>Dating</em>' Is Fast Replacing <em>Arranged</em> '<em>Marriages</em>' In India

Is online dating the same as arranged marriage? Ravi Patel thinks.

This was a profile on Minder, a Muslim dating app that mimics Tinder but is aimed at helping Western Muslims find a spouse.However, this preoccupation with what was “halal,” meaning is what is permissible in Islam, ran rampant not on the app and in my mind.

Indian dating apps tread warily in nation of arranged marriages

The guy advertising for halal sex (whatever that entails) was an exception; most of the other profiles seemed pretty chaste.

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