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With hindsht, it's probably a good thing they didn't let Felicity Kendal assume any editorial control of The Good Life scripts.

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Otherwise it mht have turned a bit East Enders on us. She's a drama addict, then – so, factoring in the sheer sexiness of the woman ('Yes, it comes naturally, oddly enough, more so now that I'm older'), is it any wonder her private life has been a touch colourful?

D'Angelo Russell is <i>dating</i> <i>Kendall</i> Jenner? An in-depth breakdown.

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While she remains grateful for the role that made her famous, the eternally wholesome Barbara Good – or 'the sweetest, happiest little person in blue jeans', as she s her – she admits the sheer niceness of the woman drove her a bit nuts. Now that she's a grandmother (and back with a man she once divorced), is she in any way ashamed of what she got up to in her youth? In her world, affairs are as much a part of life as breathing.'I'm always amazed at people's interest in affairs when they're so common – and not reserved for theatrical people.She finally says, 'No, not a saucepan, I don't think. No, Felicity Kendal is nothing like Barbara Good, a veritable British institution. I mean, somebody with two wives, somebody else finding the nanny in bed with their husband when they came home. Ironiy, the marriage (which produced her son Charley, now 42) was disintegrating just as she was playing Barbara Good in the safest, cosiest marriage ever.

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We're too buttoned up about sex, too sanctimonious about affairs, and too quick to abandon a marriage that's in trouble, says the actress (make-up: Simon Vollmer, hair: Michael Douglas, stylist: Fiona Parkhouse)Blimey. She takes a while to think about this, which tells its own story. Mostly the person involved ducked.'So there you have it. She isn't even all that British (she grew up in India). Take the people I know just in my little community in Chelsea: the marriages, the families, the goings-on – all of them are more outrageous and atrocious.' Gosh. 'Oh the things I've seen would fill the Daily Mail. I mean you can go back to the Bible, back through history – it's there. What is sad is that so many people give up on marriages when trouble hits. It's a very confusing thing being married.'Her first marriage to the actor Drewe Henley lasted for 11 years, but foundered partly because of the reality of coping with his manic depression.

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