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Kenyan HIV Positive Woman 'I Infected 324 Men'

Dear Alice, I recently began dating a guy who is HIV positive.

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I know how it is transmitted and the risks involved, but I was wondering if there are any statistics out about being infected in my similar situation.

<em>HIV</em> <em>Dating</em> South Africa - <em>Dating</em> Site for <em>HIV</em> Singles in SA

HIV Dating South Africa - Dating Site for HIV Singles in SA

How hh are my chances of contracting it if we are careful?However, there are many ways to reduce risk of transmission, even for an uninfected person in a sexually active relationship with someone who is HIV-positive.

A Black Womans Guide to Dating With HIV

Dear Reader, There is no way for a sexually active person to be 100 percent certain that s/he is protected from HIV infection or any other sexually transmitted infection (STI).

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