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His pictures of pre-Holocaust Eastern European Jewish life (like the one posted above) were published as two books, the most well known of which, A Vanished World, helped spur the conversion of hundreds of young secular Jews to haredism.

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It turns out those pictures were taken as a fundraising project for the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, which was trying to raise money to feed poor Polish Jews.

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Most of the poorest Polish Jews were hasidic, and Vishniac's job was to take pictures of the poorest of them, along with pictures of elderly rabbis with flowing white beards.Alana Newhouse wrote an important piece in the New York Times Magazine on this and on the upcoming exhibition of Vishniac's work – an exhibition that will for the first time include pictures Vishniac censored.“What’s interesting to me is less Vishniac’s tendency toward mythology than the Jewish need to have those mythologies and the attachment they have to them, even in the face of evidence to the contrary. The real story is so much better.”“Jews should be absolutely elated — and not at all surprised — to discover that Jewish life in Poland was like human society anywhere, in that it contained all the human types and all of the human experiences.

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But Vishniac also took many other pictures while on that mission, pictures that show Jewish stores loaded with goods for sale, including oranges from Palestine, and Jews dressed in European finery, without traces of beards or sheitls.

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