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It comes as no surprise that statues, images and renderings of elk are found throughout the Village in everything from official stationary to this beautiful bronze sculpture, which is found in front of the Elk Grove Village Municipal Complex.

Circus painting, b top painting, carnival art, juggling clown, circus.

While the creatures are not native to the area, an elk herd was actually brought to the Village in the 1920s from Montana.

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Just about 20 miles northwest of downtown Chicago nestled next to one of the world's busiest airports is Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a place that represents American ideals through its hard-working industrial qualities and family-friendly nehborhoods.Elk Grove started off as a township settled by New England farmers in 1834 during a period when Native Americans frequently hunted in the area's woods and marsands.

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Far before the sounds of jet engines and semis, there were the rustle of bush and noises of the native wildlife.

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