She is dating other guys

Reasons why you MUST encourage the girls you're dating to see.

In a previous article I wrote about learning to control your feelings of jealousy when you hear her mention other guys, or get the feeling she is dating other men.

She is dating multiple guys

Once you learn to overcome your jealousy, you can start having some fun if she brings up the subject or you see a good opportunity to tease her a little.

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How to Act When She Mentions Other Guys - The Date cian

I use three strategies, one basic, one intermediate and one advanced.She could be talking about how she had amazing sex with some guy the nht before, and in your head you should react as though she’s describing her weekly grocery shop. It is effective because: A second, intermediate strategy is to be curious and probe her for more information.

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The basic strategy is to simply listen to her as though she is describing something totally mundane and ordinary.

She is dating other guys:

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