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As if online dating weren’t already a minefield of unfortunate experiences with emotionally devoid small talk and swift attempts at a meaningless hookup, hopeless cyber romantics now have to worry if everyone’s having a furative party without them.

Online dating market becoming perfect match for investors, says.

Members-only dating apps have gained traction in recent years, catering to an elite few via invitations and waiting lists.

Winning in the <strong>online</strong> <strong>dating</strong> space ITProPortal

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Following cues from the likes of Raya and The League, Tinder is the latest app to cultivate a more exclusive niche.According to, the app within the app has been operational for about six months.

Winning in the online dating space ITProPortal

Operating within the popular dating app is Tinder Select, a platform for CEOs, supermodels, and Tinder users with particularly hh swipe appeal.

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