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Dear Natalise, I've been dating my boyfriend for about 7 months. I realize I mht sound really superficial, but I'm a little offended that we're even together. I've actually heard this sentiment from other girls; I think it's a very "girlish" view to have.

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Maybe I'm being judgmental, but all his ex-girlfriends are not cute, they don't seem like they treated him that well, and they aren't that smart (or so I've heard).

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If he could date THOSE girls, what does that say about me? And I'll admit that with one ex-boyfriend in particular, I thought the same thing at the time (yikes! But, I know it's definitely not rht to judge your boyfriend by his past. Now, since I'm probably not the best person to ask in regards to this topic, I decided this week to forward your question to my older, wiser, nerdier, but wittier friend Alex.It's kind of embarrassing to think that he doesn't have hh standards or have good taste. Check out his response, which I also chuckled at:---------------------------------------------------Your poor boyfriend!

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I'm not saying I'm a supermodel, but I've been told I'm a catch (I feel like I'm well put together, I have a good job, and I have a degree from a good school). You wouldn't want to be judged by your past would you? Since he's a guy, he mht offer a variation for you to consider.

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