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A few months ago, an alarming survey suggested that “Yellow Fever” is more widespread than previously suspected.

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Yellow Fever is a potentially fatal disease carried by mosquitoes.

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It also refers to the fetishization of Asian women.Crucially, this survey did not refer to mosquitoes but to straht men buzzing around dating sites, who showed a marked preference for Asian women. Approximately 20 percent of the population is innately more attractive to these insects, which prefer biting (literally) hot women who wear black clothing and/or have black hair.

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These two afflictions spread for the same reason: hh concentrations of restless people living in urban centers. So far, scientists haven’t even managed to deconstruct the motives of actual mosquitoes, though they tested the theory that some people are biologiy mosquito magnets — such as yours truly, who also happens to be an Asian female – and discovered that it’s true.

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