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Something about a resolved conflict, about people with every reason to hate each other finding some common ground--well, it's nifty, don't get me wrong, but it's almost like everybody walks away from the hug with a target on their backs.

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Unless it's the end of the story (or, in this case, the end of the season), no peace can last unchallenged.

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Ten F*cked-up Things That Happen on “Sons of Anarchy” FX.

And even beyond the dictates of drama, there's the simple fact that it's hard to live up to the satisfaction that comes after a buried hatchet.It can't get any better, so it has to get worse." "Service" isn't as strong an episode as "Balm," but it's not a huge mis-step, either.

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I get nervous because I think, "Okay, here's where the stumbling starts.

Gemma and tig hook up:

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