Dating vain guy

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Everywhere on campus, at college parties, bars, and in your building, there are all of these brand new hotties to be had.

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Perhaps at some point you'll become the kind of girl who needs the security of exclusivity, which is fine.

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Carly Simon finally reveals the subject of You're So Vain. record.

(I guess.) But some guys are just bad news by definition.The guy with a hot girl best friend Famous last words from the guy you're dating: "Oh you don't have to worry about her, we're just friends." And even if it turns out to be nothing, you'll definitely resent her the entire time you're dating. I was wondering if you went over anything important?

The sheer hell of living with a man who is more attractive than you.

So unless you want your heart broken, your grades affected, or to come home to your boo banging your roommate, I suggest you stay away from the following archetypes.

Dating vain guy:

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