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Let’s face it: even though you love your BFF to pieces, picking out the perfect birthday present can be extremely hard, especially when it’s the b 2-1. That’s okay, we all can’t be crafty; just get a bottle of her favorite alcohol.

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Whether you’re looking for something classy, fun, or extravagant, we’ve picked 21 extra-special present ideas to take some of the stress away. Monogrammed Shot Glass A gift that you know will get a lot of use but is still classy just like your perfect friend! Finally 21 Wine Glass If she’s not a hard liquor person, a personalized wine glass is another great route to go. Hangover Relief Kit Since you both will probably be out until all the bars close, she’s going to need some help in the morning getting over that hangover.

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Prepare a little kit for her so she has everything in one place. Flash Tattoos Decorate yourselves in these fun, fashionable tattoos before the b nht out. When you and your BFF spend more time at the local Mexican restaurant, we suggest this birthday glass to up the birthday fun. Birthday Sash It’s your best friend’s b day, and everyone should know about it. 21 Shots If your BFF doesn’t know what kind of alcohol is her poison of choice, give her some options to try! Make some Wall Decorations If your BFF is lacking in some wall-art, paint her some fun alcohol-themed canvases to decorate the place up! You could even leave a spot for her to put a picture from her b nht on it later. A Birthday Shot book This Pinterest favorite requires some scrapbooking ss. or bake her a real cake Although jello-shots can be nice, we’re all about those carbs. Include embarrassing and funny tasks to keep the nht fun an exciting. Beer Cake If your BFF happens to be a boy, he mht appreciate a beer cake more than a 21st B-Day tiara.

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Bonus: no worries about losing any jewelry at the bar or club! A Funny Flask Because who wouldn’t want a funny flask? Birthday Margarita Glass We can’t be the only ones who observe Margarita Monday! 21st Birthday To-Do List Similar to the shot-book, create a to-do list for your friend to get her out of her comfort zone at the bar! and if he happens to be a hard liquor kind of guy, just put his favorite paring together! Take her out to dinner (and make sure you get them to sing happy birthday! Mexican is always a great idea, because who wouldn’t love a giant sombrero?

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