Dating a medical student resident

A To Reform Medicine's er Work Culture Cognoscenti

July 1 is the traditional start date for medical residency programs across the country.

Medical Resident Dating Investment Banker. Does it work. - Wall.

First-year resident Jasleen Salwan warns of an epidemic of depression and suicide among trainees that will persist unless hospitals reform their work culture.

A To Reform Medicine's er Work Culture Cognoscenti

Things to Know About Resident Physicians - Dr. Katie goes to.

(Jimmy Chang/Unsplash)My apartment has a balcony directly overlooking the hospital where I am about to start my final phase of physician training as a medical resident.From the brief time I knew her, I remember that she lived close to work; perhaps she had a view similar to mine.

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In March, as I was preparing to graduate from medical school, a resident at one of my institution’s affiliate hospitals jumped to her death from her apartment building.

Dating a medical student resident:

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