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”, and it spoke of a raw grief over the sudden death of a sibling.

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In one verse, the writer said: “Friends are greatly esteemed but can turn on you and sell you – but a brother cannot, for it is a relationship that was never bought.” The death of Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed al-Maktoum – the one-time heir to the crown of Dubai – seemed to have affected few more greatly than his younger brother, Sheikh Hamdan, who this week made public his desolation at the loss of his sibling by posting a poem on Twitter.

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What was not publicly discussed in the glittering emirate was the troubled history of 33-year-old Rashid, a handsome, accomplished sportsman who died at his palace last weekend of a sudden and unexplained heart attack.The young, Sandhurst-educated prince was, until 2008, heir apparent to his father, Sheikh Mohammed, the emirate’s “Ruler” and the man responsible for turning a one-time Gulf backwater into a business and tourist hub.

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It was a tragic end to a life that was supposedly destined not only for great riches, but royal power.

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