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Here’s some of Nick from Euro Youth Hotel, Munich’s tried and tested true Oktoberfest-er tips to make sure that you give yourself a head start. If you want to guarantee a table, get there at on weekdays and queue to get in. The days run in 2 shifts (even the most hardened beer drinker can’t drink for 13 hours).

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Yes, Oktoberfest started as a party held in OCTOBER to celebrate the wedding of the Bavarian King Ludwick in 1810, but this year (as every year since the re-unification of Germany), it will start in September. The early morning drinkers will go home at around 5pm, making space for the new wave that have just finished work.

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Once you get a seat (this can sometimes take a while at peak times)/the attention of the waitress, make sure you give her a nice tip.Bear in mind, they are not likely to serve you again anytime soon if you don’t tip. They may be famously more easy-going but Bavaria is still in Germany so anyone caught trying to sneak away with their glasses will be fined.

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They work hard and put up with a lot during their shifts, and should be rewarded. And whatever you do, and however good a keepsake that Mass would be, don’t try to pinch any of the glasses.

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