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It's been six years since the Egyptian Club, better known as the E-Room, lowered its rainbow flag in Southeast Portland, and in that time no brick-and-mortar lesbian bar has emerged to fill its space.

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(By contrast, Portland has eht gay bars for men.) Did the lesbian bar disappear because people's identities splintered, leaving behind too few people to patronize women-only spaces?

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Or did it vanish because mainstream culture has evolved, turning every bar in Portland—from Sloan's Tavern to the Florida Room—into an unofficial lesbian bar? No." DEFYING CATEGORIES: Llondyn Elliott, 19, identifies as non-."It's really restricting to me to say I'm a lesbian. This past summer, semi-regular parties for lesbians, like Lesbian Nht at Old Town's CC Slaughters, changed their names and focus to avoid controversy and be more inclusive.

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"I've never felt comfortable with the term lesbian," says Llondyn Elliott, 19, who identifies as non-. Elliott rejects masculine and feminine pronouns—as well as the label lesbian, ing it too specific. (Thomas Teal) In the past two years, events catering to lesbians, like the monty meet-up Fantasy Softball League, have been targeted online as unsafe spaces for trans women and others who don't identify with feminine pronouns.

Trans lesbian dating:

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