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An Educated Comparison of the Top Dating Sites - URBANETTE.

Before I got married, I tried just about every dating site out there.

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My philosophy was: the wider I cast my net, the more likely I am to find that rare guy who’s just rht for me.

An Educated Comparison of the Top <i>Dating</i> <i>Sites</i> - URBANETTE.

The Dating Sites that Bite! and the ones that don't bite - A Yelp List.

And while I’m no longer in the dating pool, I definitely remember many a month when I felt like all the attractive and kind men had gone into hiding.People who meet on dating sites are quicker to tie the knot than those who meet in the real world — dating for an average of just over 18 months before getting hitched, compared to 42 months for those who meet offline.

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NYC is a tough place to find love in, but there are ways to make it easier.

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