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Trash Talk Insults Being Annoyed Girl Shit Talking Ugliness Smart Remarks Hoes Bitch Gossip Hatred Annoying People Leave Me Alone Sarcastic Rumors Give Me A Chance Haters Im Better Than You Being The Other Woman Negative People Get Over It Life Human Nature Fake People Backstabbing Friend Jealousy Think Before You Speak Truth Worry Being The Bger Person Funny Humor Better Than You Forget Bitch Insecurity Hate Being Judged Orinality Being Brave Letting Go Cowardice Fake Girls Thinking Of You Mind Your Own Business Smile Moving Forward Bitches Being nored One who would say they hate you to your face would talk about you behind your back as well, i don't care if someone says it to my face or behind my back, i can understand and don't hold it against them after all there are many kinds of people in this world not everyone of them are going to like you.

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Shit talking implies talking about nonsense or crap.

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People who are idle and have a lot of free time are the ones who indulge in talking crap or shit.Shit talking is not at all healthy and one should refrain from indulging in the same.

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Gossiping is also one of the forms of shit talking in which people in a talk about someone's private and personal affairs.

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