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I posted this over on the down under forum but came up empty so i'll see what the wealth of knowledge here thinks I recently aquired a Lister junior and i'm having trouble dating it as the data plate seem to defy dating data. 59 B10 Hp: 5 650Rpm Seems simple enough but according to Listerdiesel's dating and spec info on his site Data/a B10 should be hopper cooled with a single flywheel, this is tank cooled with twin flywheels.

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Now the logical explanation is that the plate has been swapped of another engine as it is mounted to the crankcase cover but the no 59 is what puzzles me as it seems to low to be a serial No???

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Can anyone shed any lht on the matter Cheers Andrew 59B10 is quite possibly a complete reference.Unless it says Spec B10 or Spec 10, then I think you've got hold of a late model B.

R. A. Lister cs 5-1 diesel made in ingland date 1935 - YouTube

59 would be the serial number, probably January production as they started at 1 on the 1st January each year, B is the engine and 10 would be 1960 as production year.

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