Dating aliens

Reptilian Hybrid Gets Mad On Dating Show & Shapeshifts - ALIEN.

A dating app ed Hater matches people up according to the things they don’t like, based on science that suggests disliking the same things brings people closer.

I only date aliens

“Meet someone who hates the same stuff,” the app’s website says.

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Slow clap for the East Coast and its quirky objects of scorn: Eli Manning, God, people who use money clips, DUI checkpoints, friends who ask you to help them move and the idea that everyone has a soul mate. ) It is also unclear whether Kansans loathe Jerry Seinfeld the comedian or “Seinfeld” the show.

What do Kansans and Missourians really hate? Seinfeld and aliens.

(Sh.) Missourians apparently don’t like people who believe in aliens.

Dating aliens:

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